Located in Limerick, Maine, Wild Cherry Woodworks has been building custom furniture for clients for over a decade.  In this age of instant gratification, quality has diminished particularly in the furniture industry.  More and more, discerning customers are demanding higher quality and turning to the traditional craftsman.

Christoper Dudley, proprietor of Wild Cherry Woodworks, takes pride in the care and time he invests in each custom piece of furniture.  Each craftsman has his favorite pieces to make, but you can be assured that whatever fine piece of custom furniture you seek will be carefully researched and built in the greatest of care and skill.

Often, people think of a woodworker as simply a maker of kitchen cabinets or a limited item.  Chris has built a large variety of furniture over the years.  These include chairs, dining tables, meeting tables, and cabinets of all kinds.  He works with a large variety of domestic and even exotic woods, helping his clients choose the best look and use for their needs.

Browse the pages here to see just a sample of the many pieces he has built.  If you'd like to contact Chris directly, visit the contact us page to send an inquiry or call directly.